eLiquid Information

E-Liquids / E-Juices Mixtures

The majority of our eLiquids are 60% VG / 40% PG +-5%. We can adjust it for custom blends as needed, however we have found that this ratio to be non irritating and gives you fantastic vapor production. 

PG  (propylene glycol)
    more throat hit, more flavor
    thinner liquid

VG  (vegetable glycerine) non-GMO palm based
    smoother, more vapor
    less throat hit
    thicker liquid
    more flavor may need to be added

We only use USP food grade flavorings as well as 100% organics in many of our juices.

Most flavorings are in a PG base, a few like our organic flavorings have an
alcohol base.

We only use Nicotine solution from US laboratories and companies
the nicotine solution is usedin both PG and VG bases. If you have a PG or VG nic preference please leave that comment in your order.

When it comes to flavorings our standard flavor levels are intended for a wide audience to accomodate most palates.

Standard Flavor is a nice average vape for most palates

Double flavor is for people that want really strong intense flavors or for those that are mixing flavors togther. If you are experiencing "Vapor Tongue" this could be a good option for you. Note, more does not always mean better, it can change the taste of your juice.

Triple Flavor should be used with caution as it can make juices taste bad or in some cases have no taste at all. We know this sounds strange but adding too much flavor can make it taste like nothing.

Too much flavor? If your extra flavored juices tastes bad or like nothing at all the first thing we recomend is dilution, we do offer unflavored premixed e-liquid.

Taste is always subjective. Did you know that some people are acutally born with more taste buds than normal? They are called supertasters. Supertasters do not require as much flavoring as most people and tend to use less sugar in their normal foods. If you are one of the rare few then you can also order unflavored eliquid to dillute your flavors.